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"I am overjoyed by your accomplishments. You and your team are wonderful - plus, it's a joy to work with you."
- Christopher B.

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SEO Services

We focus on results-oriented SEO campaigns and we provide two levels of SEO packages for our clients based upon their goals and budget. Our standard SEO package targets one or more keyword phrases for placement on the first page of Google. We also provide a premiere Google Domination service which not only promotes your website to the first page of Google but guarantees multiple listings on the first page, displacing your competitors.

Our SEO campaigns are multi-month efforts involving the intelligent application of the following tools on behalf of our clients: regular on-site optimization, directory submissions, social bookmarking, RSS feed submissions, multi-media submissions, press releases and article submissions, and other link building activities. For us, each client is unique and benefits from our study of the competitive landscape for their business. We customize an SEO campaign specifically for you with ongoing adjustments to reflect the effectiveness within the marketplace. Our success is due in a large part to personal relationships developed over the years with a network of web masters, bloggers and social networking agents, as well as the skills and proprietary knowledge of our talented SEO Team.

There are two questions we typically ask at the beginning that help us determine how best to promote your website:

1) Who do you consider to be your major competitors online?

2) What are the keyword phrase(s) would you most like to rank well in for Google searches?

For example, you might consider the most profitable products or services offered by your company, or perhaps the foot-in-the-door services that most often lead to a client up-selling to further engagements with your company. You are the best expert on your business -- what drives it? What will help you grow and succeed?

We recommend pursuing an SEO Campaign for a minimum of six months for one or more target areas. An effective SEO campaign is labor intensive but well worth the investment in the business as it will have a lasting impact. Please contact us today to discuss how we can help your site acheive fantastic results for you and your business.

SEO Testimonial:

"With respect to the lofty rankings that have been achieved, I am incredibly impressed. I knew that you and your team had ben doing a great job, but I had not been aware of the incredible results that had been repeatedly achieved. The ultra-high rankings that were obtained are superb.

I am overjoyed by your accomplishments. Prior to the time at which I examined your annual report, I viewed you and your team in a very professional and admirable light. But it is now evident that you and your team must be viewed in an absolutely stellar light. You and your team are wonderful - plus, it's a joy to work with you."